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Virtual Counseling for College Students

You're a college students with a lot on your plate. You're trying to balance your schoolwork and your social connections, but you find yourself skipping out on school expectations to experience college life with your friends. Or maybe you can't seem to find the motivation to keep pouring all of your energy into assignments for classes you're not interested in. 

No one prepared you for how stressful college would really be. It's hard to live away from home and feel like an adult when you don't have all of the answers. You're managing your own money, creating new social connections and keeping up with schoolwork, all while working a part-time job and trying to figure out what you want to do with your life.

College is stressful and it's absolutely okay to ask for help. Sometimes, we just need a little time and space to unload all of the daily pressures of being a college student and balancing life. We're happy to provide a place for you to process and problem-solve your unique challenges, and find a bit of relief from all of those stressors weighing you down.  

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We most commonly support college students with:

  • Depression or sadness

  • Low mood or feeling down

  • Loneliness or isolation

  • Anxiety or worry

  • Trauma

  • Stress and time management

  • Panic attacks or anxiety attacks

  • Social anxiety or avoidance of social situations

  • Procrastination

  • Perfectionism

  • People-pleasing

  • Obsessive-compulsive tendencies 

  • Low self-esteem or self-doubt

  • Comparison of self to others

  • Shame and guilt 

  • Major life changes / transitions

  • Work or college burnout

  • Career / life goals

  • Decision-making 

  • Changing unwanted habits

  • Anger / irritability

  • Communication

  • Boundaries

  • Sleep difficulties

  • Social connections

  • Social media fatigue

  • Compassion fatigue

  • Relationships / social connections

  • Highly sensitive person coping

  • Childhood emotional neglect 

Areas of Focus

  • Anxiety, worry, and stress reduction

  • Self-esteem, self-acceptance and confidence

  • Communication, boundaries and self-expression

  • Relationships and social connections

  • Self-care and life balance

  • Healing from trauma

  • Overcoming childhood emotional neglect

  • Highly sensitive person coping

Virtual Therapy | Telehealth | Minnesota

Online Counseling

Convenience for Your Lifestyle

College students are super tech savvy and many are living their lives online, so it makes sense that they would also love to see their therapist online.


You're busy and you could definitely benefit from saving the time you would spend running to and from therapy to do other important things. If you would rather be comfortable in your dorm or at home, and could use increased flexibility with your time, online counseling is the perfect option!

Get in touch to schedule a complimentary 15-minute video session to see if virtual therapy is a good fit for you. 

Virtual Therapy | Telehealth | Minnesota
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